Tips When Adopting a Shelter Dog

Adopting a dog from a rescue or shelter is an amazing gesture and is dually beneficial; bringing a new addition to your family and saving an animal and offering them a new, amazing life. Here are some tips to make it the best experience it can be:

  • Patience;

Sometimes your new furry friend needs time, sometimes they won’t run in the door and immediately feel comfortable, playful and/ or cuddly. It takes time, some dogs that come from the shelter have experienced real trauma or unfortunate circumstances in their life which impedes and prevents the ability for the animal to really trust a human right away. Be patient, the dog will come around and you will feel their gratitude, they will be loyal, loving and meet your expectations. Work with your family and dog and be patient over time.

  • Establish household rules

Be firm from day 1 about what your new household member’s rules and boundaries. Consistency is key for any dog or pet, but especially so when the dog is not used to living in a house, and not used to rules or structure.

  • Understanding your dog’s story

One thing that is crucial to set yourself and your dog up for success in your home is understanding their story and history as best you can. Ask as many questions as you have and try and understand and empathize with the dog’s past. This deeper understanding will help you better set the tone, the rules and the routines as well as help you better relate to your new friend.

  • Choose a good vet

Obviously, a good vet is crucial to the success and health of any dog, but for those with potential or real health risks, concerns or complications (past or present), a highly skilled and qualified vet is essential. This will ensure your dog remains and becomes the best version of himself.

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