Different Dog Rescues by Location

There are shelters and rescues of varying sizes all over the world. The abilities, size, scope and mandate of these rescues and shelters often depend on local, regional and national regulation and laws. Some are constrained, some are able to euthanize, some are not. There are many regulatory factors that impact the capabilities of shelters.

The largest dog rescue/ shelter in the world is located in Romania. This shelter can and does home over 3000 dogs and spans over 45000 square meters. Germany and Romania work together to rehome and rehabilitate street and stray dogs. The dogs are fed, treated medically and examined and those that are able to be, are rehomed and adopted by locals and others who come to the shelter for a dog. This shelter has been in existence since 2001.

Costa Rica actually has a dog sanctuary for stray dogs. It is known as a rescue ranch and is home to over 900 animals who roam freely during the day. There is lots of space and the animals roam freely with a shelter to sleep in where the dogs are fed and bathed by volunteers. Though there are a lot of animals, the owner of the shelter gives each a name and identity and provides water, food and shelter to each and every dog.

There is also a large animal rescue that was founded by an actor when he kept finding abandoned animals outside of his home in Southern California. It is the largest animal rescue in America, home to over 1500 animals. The rescue has an annual operating budget of over 8 million US dollars and over 50 staff members, including a team of vets and medical professionals, focused on these animals.

There are many rescues that operate on a smaller basis, each making just as big of an impact in many animals’ lives.

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