Benefits of Rescuing a Dog

If you have been looking to add a four-legged friend to your family, perhaps you have been struggling with whether to use a breeder or go to the shelter or your local rescue. Below are some of the benefits of adopting a rescue or shelter dog to help make this decision easier:

  • Your dog could be fully trained; If you have never owned a dog, or you are perhaps too busy to dedicate the countless hours associated with housebreaking and training a puppy, rescue dogs are often fully, or at least partially house trained. This takes house training out of the equation and prevents you from having to do it from scratch. In addition, many rescue dogs can sit, stay, shake a paw and know their manners, or have had experience with training.
  • Adult dogs can be better suited for some lifestyles; many people can’t or don’t get a puppy because they feel, for whatever reason or reasons, that they do not have the resources or are not properly equipped to bring a puppy into their homes and lives. Rescue dogs are often fully grown, adult dogs that may be better suited for your lifestyle. For example, if you are limited in terms of mobility, perhaps a senior dog may be a good companion for you.
  • The reward is immense; Many people who have adopted a dog can attest to the fact that there is nothing more rewarding than adopting a dog. These dogs are grateful and loyal and end up becoming and remaining your closest and best friends.
  • Saving a life; By adopting a dog from your local rescue or shelter you are likely saving that dog’s life. Many dogs end up euthanized because they are deemed not adoptable or simply because they spend too long in the shelter.

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