Animal Shelter and Rescue Funding

Animal shelters and rescues rely heavily, if not entirely, on donations from the community and the general public. There are different ways they receive, seek and reach out for these donations, some of which include:

  • Donations

Rescues and shelters accept a variety of donations including ad hoc donations from generous donors who donate once or twice, as well as donations on an annual basis. Some people make an annual donation, in varying amounts, most commonly 20 to 100 dollars. In addition, ‘Donate Now’ links are becoming increasingly prominent on web pages, social media and other digital/online outlets.

  • Crowdfunding

Sometimes donations just don’t cut it, there are emergency bills, surgeries and expenses. Crowdfunding sites such as Gofundme as well as social media campaigns and reach outs come up on a situational basis. This allows for a wide reach and response. This method is, as mentioned, most common for unexpected, emergency and surprise bills that could, if not offset, put a shelter or rescue in real financial demise, or, putting an animal at risk of being euthanized.

  • Events and Fundraisers

Events serve many purposes, they raise funds, awareness and offer exposure to the community and general public. Often, local groups, individuals and companies donate items, spaces and resources to make the events low in cost and as successful as possible. These events can vary from a dog wash all the way to a holiday gala, and everything in between.

  • Grants

This applies more to shelters, as often these grants come from government bodies. Grants come in different shapes and sizes. Some are applied for, some are handed out, some are large in monetary values, others are smaller or perhaps more specific.

  • Sponsorship

Sometimes companies, corporations, organizations or groups sponsor a shelter or rescue, whether it be for one event or on a larger, wider scope.

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