This site is entirely dedicated to dog rescues and what they are all about. The following pages will discuss and inform you about how dog rescues work, how they are funded, how they are run, the adoption process and everything in between. Dog rescues are crucial to the survival and rehabilitation of hundreds of dogs each and every year.

Dog rescues and shelters are actually different. Did you know that? If you’re wondering what the difference between the two are, read on to find out.

Dog rescues rely on volunteers and donations, find out how you can help out your local rescue or shelter, even if you don’t have an abundance of time and/ or money.

Dog rescues use foster programs to help give dogs a second chance and to help abandoned, neglected, stray and otherwise cast aside and overlooked dogs.

Dog rescues actually require more than just money to run, find out all of the donations deemed useful, necessary or required to run.

Dog rescues actually exist all over the world, there are dog rescues for specific brands, that are specific to certain locations and others that cover more broad demographics.

There are rescues for all different animals-not just dogs. There are cat rescues, rat rescues, horse rescues and most other animals deemed pets are rescued almost every day.

To learn more about any or all of the above-mentioned topics, check out the various pages on our website. Hopefully, you will learn all about dog rescues and leave both informed and inspired.

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